Make Your Life Like A Movie: Pay Attention, Stop Questioning, and Take Action!

Do you kind of wish your life was more exiting, romantic, and cinematic? If you pay attention to the right things, it can be!

Your attention is the most powerful thing you have in life. It’s not how strong you are, how good you are at something. It’s what you pay attention to that determines where you will be in 5, 10, 20 years from now. That’s why successful people are successful and miserable people are miserable!

If you’re focusing on negative attributes, you will life a life of mostly negative attributes. This seems extremely over simplistic and basic, but it’s absolutely true. It’s the whole concept of the Law of Attraction, which says like attracts like. You attract what you embody, what you are…not what you think or want. Audit yourself: On a day to day basis, what kind of thoughts go through your mind? Are they filled with gratitude and joy, or victim mentality, attachments, and suffering?

The question then is, how do we focus on desirable qualities so that we live a good life?

The truth is, you have to come to a point in your life where you stop questioning “how” you’re going to do things. You essentially must let go of any kind of logical interpretation, or thinking, about your methodology moving forward. You have to absolutely stop nitpicking your own temperament, and simply take action. The “how”, the “planning” and “strategizing” will only weaken your power in this process because you’re overly concerned with the outcome you are attached to.

To be more concrete, what I mean by taking action is a literal embodying of what you desire in life and propelling yourself into the world as that thing you embody,. Yes, I’m asking you to literally BE the qualities you want in life. This doesn’t mean “acting” them. This means ASSUMING YOU ARE “THEM”.

Ask yourself this simple question: What can I do to make this month a movie? Start living like you’re directing your own film. Throw in contrast, awkwardness, laughs, romance, joy, hustle, spirituality. Literally say to yourself “I’m tired of the mundane, I’m going to push myself to the limits for the sake of experiencing life to the fullest, regardless of what happens–I will learn and grow in the process”.

This does not mean be oblivious to the world around you or resort to drug abuse and reckless behavior. Awareness is super critical to your success, and if you’re bumbling around and blindly thinking you know it all, you will 100% fail in your endeavors. You have to be mindul of what’s going on — this means looking at everything happening around you, and spotting the trend before others do. You have to pay attention for all of this to work. It’s like that quote from Rounders — if you can’t spot the sucker in the room, it’s you.

All I’m saying is the simple truth that if you pay attention to what’s going on around you (which you can cultivate through daily meditation & mindfulness practice…I will make a blog post on this soon), and then plunge in with a strong desire to live a “cinematic” life — you will see insane, beautiful changes happen. Just make sure you’re doing all of this to be compassionate and give value to the world. If you’re doing it for personal gain, you might get what you want in the short term but the karmic recoil is very, very strong, and you’ll end up in a worse place than you started later down the road.

The summary is: Let go of attachment. Jump in. Pay attention. Stop questioning. Execute.

Life is too short to settle for the mundane. If you’re not happy with where you are, guess what? You can change it! I’m telling you it’s 100% possible as we speak. All you must do is embrace everything that happens in this process and be aware of what’s going, both internally and externally. That’s it!



How Deep is Your Quicksand?

Influence is everywhere. The commercials we watch, the people we associate with, the content we engage in.

Technology can be overstimulating, and it probably isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

The challenge, however, lies in not getting stuck in the quicksand for too long.

Freaking out and fighting quicksand only sucks you in more. But taking deep breaths, and patiently working your way out of it will set you free.

A question to ponder: Do you control your life or does life control you?