“Know Thyself”: Thoughts & Feelings Keep Us Alive, So Invest In Them

I discuss awareness a lot, but it’s incredibly important to know what you are feeling and why you feel a certain way. I used suppress my more negative feelings, but that never solved anything. In fact, it caused me to act in a way to compensate for feeling shitty about something I didn’t give myself time to learn from, take accountability for, and grow as a human being. That was only running from who I really was, and not addressing the root issues I was dealing with. Credibility is necessary for progress, so we need to examine ourselves openly and honestly before we can progress positively.

Which is why, if you feel like crying, let it happen. If you feel like jumping with joy, do it. We need to love ourselves. We often overlook taking care of ourselves due to distractions. Our feelings are a sort of compass that gives us valuable feedback on ourselves and the day-to-day environment we engage in. They might be telling us something isn’t working and we need to make positive changes in the direction we want to be in. The environment always reciprocates, and we should pay close attention to all processes going on. We should really invest in looking at why we might be feeling a particular way, from multiple angles and perspectives. An empathetic approach to everything.

The richer of a relationship we have with our thoughts, feelings, and behavior–the more aligned and grounded we can become.

Alan Watts (An English interpreter of Eastern philosophy) wrote a book called “The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are”. I highly recommend checking out some of his work. There are many recordings of his speeches on the internet.

Author: Seth Williams

Creator & Author at BeHereNow.blog

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