For the love of Jimi Hendrix

He practically changed everything in a time that needed him the most.

There is something so timeless about Hendrix’s playing. I remember how immensely happy I was when I first bought Are You Experienced and Electric Ladyland at the record store. It was a warm and breezy summer day in July with blue skies and good vibes.

Such beautiful albums with an electic landscape of sonic textures.

Electric Ladyland really, really does take you to another dimension. From start to finish, it’s a luscious masterpiece. It’s even more amazing how Hendrix produced the entire album himself. It is so rich and layered. It feels like you’re actually there, in 1968, with Jimi standing right in front of you with pure energy flowing right out of his flipped-upside-down Fender Stratocaster and through the speakers of a massive Marshall stack. And of course, Mitch Mitchell had incredible finesse on the drums. He was truly a talented percussionist.

I can’t help but feel the album is even more relevant nowadays, where music is becoming more of a computerized commodity than something that touches and really affects the listener for the better. Hendrix makes listeners feel something real. It’s so apparent that the guitar was an extension of himself, and that really shows in his music. He was able to connect & unify everyone in a time of dissaray and rebellion. And he still does just as much to this very day.

That is art.

Author: Seth Williams

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